7 December 2018

In tonight’s episode 24 talented singers have emerged from the thousands that tried out for this season of Afghan Star, Afghanistan's favorite singing competition TV show! But before they can win fame and glory for themselves, the greatest challenge still looms ahead for our contestants!


There are only 12 spots left for the next round of the show and the top 24 contestants have only 2 minutes to perform and impress the judges for a spot in the next round, the contestants have to pour their hearts and souls into their performances in order to impress the judges and earn their spot in the Top 12 round and a chance at becoming a true AFGHAN STAR! Promising a show full of fierce competition and the best singing we've seen yet.


Now it's time to finally discover who our Top 12 Finalists will be for Season 14 of AFGHAN STAR, watch the video in below and learn more about tonight’s show!