23 February 2018

Tonight’s show started with a group performance by the remained four contestants.


In tonight’s show contestants were given a chance to have a duet performance with a judge of the show apart from their individual performances. Mansoor Jalaal performed with Qais Ulfat a traditional song, Mustafa Hunarjoo performed with Saida Gul Maina, Reshad Naheeb performed with Shahla Zaland and finally, Mohammad Aqil Sharify performed with Obaid Juenda.


In individual performance part, Mansoor Jalaal was the first contestant who sang the song “Dunya” and obtained 40 marks from the four judges plus some positive comments. The second contestant was Mustafa Hunarjoo who sang the song “Ba Yak Nazat Tabah Kardi” and he obtained 36 marks.


The third one was Reshad Naheeb and he had prepared himself to sing a rap “Bia Ke Hambastagi Konim” obtained 35 marks plus some positive comments from the judges of the show.


Mohammad Aqil Sharifi was fourth with the song “Az Enja Ta Kabul” from Farhad Darya and he also obtained 39 marks.


Finally, the show was ended with another beautiful performance by Mansoor Jalaal.


If you want to know much more about the Top 4 please click on the link below to watch the full episode.