Ghazal Music Audition - Afghan Star Season 15

22 Nov, 2019

The third episode of Afghan Star Season 15 featured the Ghazal auditions. On this audition, the Ghazal fans from all over the country participated to show their talents in order to satisfy the judges for getting a success card which advances them to the next steps of auditions and finally to the top 12.

13 Jan, 2019

Top 9 Elimination - Afghan Star Season 14 - Episode 15

Top 9 Elimination started with a group performance of the song "Janam Ba Qadet", afterwards, Qais Emadi and Hamed Nayab were the first two contestants who interpreted a song “Ba Khuda Mekoshadam”,...

8 Jan, 2019

Top 9 - Afghan Star S14 - Episode 14

This week’s show started with a thrilling performance by Mer Maftoon the judge of the show.

8 Jan, 2019

Top 10 Elimination - Afghan Star Season 14 - Episode 13

Top 10 elimination started with a very beautiful duet performance by Najibullah Estalifi and Abdul Salam Maftoon singing a folk song.

3 Jan, 2019

Top 10 - Afghan Star S14 - Episode 12

The Top 10 episode showcases a tough competition among the ten contestants of the Season 14. The show starts with a beautiful performance of Hamed Nayab.

31 Dec, 2018

Top 11 Elimination - Afghan Star Season 14 - Episode 11

Top 11 elimination show started with a beautiful duet performance by Firuz Fazil and Hamed Nayab, they performed the song "Gul Sare Chawki" of Baran Group.

31 Dec, 2018

Top 11 - Afghan Star S14 - Episode 10

After competitive goodbye to Naeem Bakhtari, in this episode we are down to our top 11 contestants. In this episode all the contestants performed their favorite songs by their own choice.

23 Dec, 2018

Top 12 Elimination - Afghan Star Season 14 - Episode 09

This week the intense competition starts on Afghan Star Season 14 with one of our top 12 contestants eliminated by voters. In tonight’s episode all the contestants performed duets.

15 Dec, 2018

Top 12 - Afghan Star S14 - Episode 08

Top 12 episode starts with a very exciting group performance by all the talented and wonderful top 12 contestants of this season.

14 Dec, 2018

Top 12 Introduction - Afghan Star S14 - Episode 07

After all the auditions and qualification rounds and selecting Top 12 contestants we have reached a new level.